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GE Frame 9 Gas Turbine - Exhaust Thermocouple Upgrade.

Exhaust thermocouples provide the raw data used to estimate the firing temperature at the exit of the first stage nozzles. The average of the exhaust temperature measurements, along with the pressure ratio, allow the firing temperature to be estimated. This is critical as the service life of all the combustion liners, transition pieces, nozzles and buckets are all directly related to the firing temperature.

In recent years, several of our clients have upgraded their exhaust thermocouple systems to a new type AMETEK hermetically sealed thermocouple which offers longer product life and improved accuracy. The new system also has stainless steel braid protection on the cables and captivated hardware for ease of maintenance.

A new large diameter conduit ring is used to supply and protect the 31 exhaust thermocouples spaced around the exhaust tunnel of the turbine.

MV Tech have successfully installed and commissioned this system, on behalf of GE, at several 9F sites around the UK.

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